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Hello everyone,

Given that I will start scripting the Lightweightz’ intro stories and sending the information to my artist so he can work on the storyboards in January, I’ve been thinking about which of the Lightweightz’ intro stories I want to work on first. In terms of scripting, I plan on scripting more than one at a time, since each of them are 4 pages each. The “with whom to start first” question really comes into play for the storyboards, since (1) they’ll require more back-and-forth between myself and the artist and (2) my budget only allows me to work on an intro story as money is available.

This is where you come in. In a previous post in November, I asked people to weigh in on which Lightweight interested them the most. On January 1st (because really, who’s going to vote for a comic book character on New Year’s Day, right?) I will close the poll, and will decide on whose storyboard(s) to begin first based on who you consider to be the most interesting.

For a while I went back-and-forth as to whether I wanted to start off with the storyboards of the most interesting or least interesting characters (according to your votes). The idea being that since writing good stories requires much practice, it may be better for me to start practicing with the characters who didn’t receive many (or any) votes. This way, I would avoid people being “let down” if I started with a popular character, but the intro story was not very good.

But I felt that because there may be many pages I write before they start getting “good,” who’s to say that waiting to do the popular characters’ intro stories last will ensure that their stories will be better? The important thing is to just “get out there” and start writing. And keep writing. And keep writing some more.

So before January 1st, make sure to vote for the character you are most interested in. Headshots and personal info about the Lightweightz can be found on the Characters page. Thanks for all of your help, enjoy the holidays, and spread the word!

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