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R-Squared Comicz podcast #2 is now available 2

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. I just uploaded a second podcast, which explains the meaning behind and the inspiration behind Lightweightz. Podcasts can be found on the “Podcasts” page under Media. Enjoy and spread the word! © Justin Martin and, 2011. All rights reserved.

Which Comics/Graphic Novels Inspire You the Most? (Part 2) 5

Hello everyone, Here’s the rest of the comics that have impacted me the most (also, in no particular order): #8 Title: X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills Year: 1982 Why it makes the list: Currently, this is the best my favorite comic story hands down. What happens when humanity’s hatred comes […]

Which Comics/Graphic Novels Inspire You the Most? (Part 1) 2

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. The other day, my sister posted a note on Facebook asking people to take 15 minutes and identify 15 albums that have moved you or that will stay with you. Her post got me thinking about the 15 comics and graphic novels that […]

A Quick Update: Solomon’s Intro Story 3

Hello everyone, Since closing the poll on January 1st and seeing Solomon as the clear winner, I’ve started working on the script for his 4-page mini-intro story. Here’s a quick update on where I am: (1) I think I have a solid-enough rough draft that I can send to my […]

Lightweight Kayin Featured in Fundraiser to Fight Human Trafficking! 1

Happy Monday everyone! As mentioned in a post in December, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a fund-raising effort through the Comic Creators Alliance. Many comic creators submitted pictures of their female characters, the result of which will be a collage of female characters. The goal […]

Recommended: Jesus Christ: The Faith Series (2010)

Hello everyone, As I was strolling through Midtown Comics in New York, I was very surprised to come across a comic entitled “Jesus Christ: The Faith Series.” Not because I didn’t think someone would make such a book, but because I thought I pretty much knew of all of the […]

What Are You Reading in 2011? 5

Hello everyone, Following up on the great experience I had at Midtown Comics in New York last week, I figured I would create a list of the comics I plan on reading in 2011. Of course the list is not final or exhaustive, but it covers just about everything: Print […]

R-Squared Comicz in 2010: A Review

Hello everyone, I want to send a super-thanks to everyone who visited, supported, referenced, and subscribed to the blog in 2010. I just received this 2010 summary from WordPress, and I thought I’d share it. Take care, and help me surpass these numbers in 2011! The stats helper monkeys at […]

And the Most Interesting Lightweight is… 1

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! As of 12:01 PST, voting for the most interesting Lightweight closed. Thanks to all who voted! Here are the results: Most interesting Lightweight: Solomon (40% of the votes) Second place: Kayin (16% of the votes) Tied for third: Abaddon & Qasim (12% of the votes) […]