And the Most Interesting Lightweight is… 1

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! As of 12:01 PST, voting for the most interesting Lightweight closed. Thanks to all who voted! Here are the results:

Most interesting Lightweight: Solomon (40% of the votes)

Second place: Kayin (16% of the votes)

Tied for third: Abaddon & Qasim (12% of the votes)

Tied for fourth: Grace & Ayden (8% of the votes)

Fifth place: Emi (4% of the votes)

Last: Gabriel (0% of the votes)

What’s up with not showing Gabriel some love, lol? Hopefully if all goes as planned and I do justice to these characters, you will find them all very interesting (even though you’ll naturally have your favorites). n the next week or two, I will begin scripting the intro-stories so I can send them to my artist, starting with the most interesting. Thanks again for your help and stay tuned!

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