Which Comics/Graphic Novels Inspire You the Most? (Part 2) 5

Hello everyone,

Here’s the rest of the comics that have impacted me the most (also, in no particular order):

Title: X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
Year: 1982
Why it makes the list: Currently, this is the best my favorite comic story hands down. What happens when humanity’s hatred comes face to face with God’s love? A timeless story with powerful themes, and even more powerful implications.

Title: The Eye Witness Saga (Books 1, 2, & 3) (note: Book 4 is out, but I have not read it yet)
Year: 2004, 2006, $ 2008
Why it makes the list: I found this saga to strike a great balance between exploring the historical roots of Christianity and telling a story with contemporary relevance. As a Christian and an academic, I appreciate the “scholarly” feel of the story.

Title: X-Men: Deadly Genesis
Year: 2006
Why it makes the list: I think the story is a fascinating exploration into an aspect of the X-Men’s history that previously was hidden. The secrets revealed in this story had HUGE implications for the X-Men and X-universe as a whole.

Title: Civil War
Year: 2006
Why it makes the list: With a highly-engaging intro that sets the tone for the story, “Civil War” provides an in-depth approach to many superheroes’ views on (1) what it means to be a (super) hero and (2) the relationship between superheroes and the people they serve. The political issues raised are timely and relevant.

Title: Adam: The Legend of Blue Marvel
Year: 2008
Why it makes the list: If one of the most powerful superheroes on earth was an African American male whose identity was revealed in the 1960s, how would the government respond? I think this story does a great job of tackling this question, as well as a few more.

Title: Blackest Night
Year: 2009
Why it makes the list: I think the concept behind the Lanterns’ color spectrum and each color’s “philosophy” on how sentient beings function is brilliant. Just as brilliant is the way in which the colors relate to each other. This story brings both of these aspects together, the result of which is a very engaging story that can prompt many questions about how we function.

Title: Black Panther: Secret Invasion
Year: 2008
Why it makes the list: I recently found out that within the Marvel universe, T’Challa is the 7th smartest person on the planet. In “Black Panther: Secret Invasion,” he demonstrates why. A well-told story within the context of a strategic chess-match, I can see why I was told this was the best Secret Invasion side story when I purchased it.

Title: Black Jesus
Year: 2009
Why it makes the list: A young man lives on a rooftop in New York. A couple of his activities include (1) walking on water to save some kids from drowning and (2) healing a hitman who was determined to kill him. Who is he? Although the story does not portray the main character as Jesus per se, I think the story poses an interesting question: If Jesus was to return today, with where and with whom would he spend his time? What would he do? How would we react to and treat him? For mature audiences only.

So there you have it! Take care and I look forward to seeing what comics and graphic novels have impacted you…

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