Reflections as I Prepare for March’s Attribute Challenge

Hello everyone,

I pray all is well. As I prepare for tomorrow’s launch of the
March Attribute Challenge, I have been reflecting on two ideas. Although different, each idea speaks to what I envision for R-Squared Comicz:

Idea #1: Jesus is not only Lord over my present and future, but my past as well. About 4-5 years go I read J. Mack Stiles’ “Speaking of Jesus,” and one of his testimony’s really stood out to me. He was talking about his childhood, and how there was this kid he used to beef with (the kid may have bullied him). As an adult he still had negative feelings toward that kid, until Christ took over the situation.

He recalls having a dream of some sort, where he was back in his childhood, reliving an encounter he had with that kid (I think it was a fight). He mentions how what made this encounter different was that this time, Jesus was there, and he intervened. Jesus not only resolved the situation, but helped Stiles realize that this kid was probably going through some things in his life, and that he, just like Stiles, was loved by Him. The idea that Jesus’ sovereignty over my life is relevant even for the things I have done in the past is truly powerful…Whether I am aware of it or not, Jesus is always working on my behalf.

Idea #2: Leaving a legacy takes hard work. Recently, Boston Celtics’ Ray Allen became the all-time NBA leader in 3-pointers made. Upon breaking the record, his wife said that practice does not make perfect; it makes history. That statement really stuck with me, given how ambitious my goals are for R-Squared Comicz.

Regardless of the things I accomplish in life or the people I encounter, at the end of the day, I want my life to mean something. In particular, I want it to mean something with regards to representing and contributing to the Kingdom of God, and the love of Christ. In order for this to happen, I have to do my part. As a pastor and good friend told me: I have to see it when I don’t see it, unless I will not see it. With that not only comes faith, but hard-work and determination as well.

I hope these ideas encourage you the way they encouraged me. Take care, and let’s bring on the challenge…

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I'm a Christian, husband, student, & comic writer. I like comics, hip-hop, basketball, & learning, and at the end of the day, I pray that my life meant something.