Comics on the Radar in 2011 (Part 2) 2

Hello everyone,

Here’s the second part of my list of comics on the radar this year. Make sure to check out part 1 if you have not done so yet…

Title: New Universal: Everything Went White
Year(s): 2007
Why it makes the list: In the midst of all the stories out there about people with superpowers, this one manages to add a unique twist while making the characters believable.

Title: Irredeemable
Year(s): 2009-Current
Why it makes the list: This is one of those comics that will likely redefine the superhero genre. Incredible concept and story. What would happen if the world’s most powerful superhero got fed up with “normal people issues” and went rogue? What would be his reasons? Who would be safe?

Title: The Gift
Year(s): 2004-2006
Why it makes the list: This comic, and the one I will discuss last, are the closest thing I have read so far to the types of stories I want to tell. In particular, what happens when ordinary people are given extraordinary abilities? What role does/should one’s experiences and outlook play in how he or she chooses to use their gift?

Title: Rising Stars: Compendium
Year(s): 2008
Why it makes the list: This is another fresh take on the “people with superpowers” story. One hundred and thirteen children are born around the same time, with each having a unique ability. These children were studied and tested. Then they grew up. What does the world think of them? What do they think of the world?

Title: Ragged Capes
Year(s): 2010
Why it makes the list: Hands down, this comic most closely matches the purpose of R-Squared Comicz: To tell Christian-themed stories centered around the lives of believable and relatable characters. Stories that focus on the common aspects of human nature, and to view those things through a Christian worldview.

So there you have it. Stay tuned as I come across more great concepts and stories…

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  • charles

    Some great books you read there. a lot of them i’ve read, but the morningstar ones i haven’t. the only books i can add that i read that has really gotten me into the story besides the walking dead and invincible are turf and american vampire.
    i think we look for comics that will relate to the stories we want to tell, but these are good character driven stories and i love that. keep this up love it.

    • I want to say either you or someone else mentioned American Vampire before. Or I came across the title somewhere. I don’t think I’ve head about Turf. Thanks for the comment!