Comics on the Radar in 2011 (Part 1)

Hello everyone,

I pray all is well. Here is part one of a list of the comics I have been reading lately. Feel free to share your thoughts on them (if you’ve read them), and/or to recommend some other titles you think are worth checking out…

Title: Artifacts
Year(s): 2010-Current
Why it makes the list: I really like the idea of having major characters within a comic universe being connected in a substantial way.

Title: Diary of Hope
Year(s): 2006
Why it makes the list: The idea of visually depicting the diary entries of someone experience life post-rapture is creative, and the story is very engaging.

Title: DV8: God’s and Monsters
Year(s): 2010
Why it makes the list: To put it simple, I love this concept! What would you do if you crash-landed on a foreign planet, and were immediately worshiped by the natives because of your power(s)?

Title: Hand of the Morningstar
Year(s): 2007-Current
Why it makes the list: A fresh, Christian take on a superhero team story set in very real-world events = a breadth of fresh air.

So there you have it for part one. Stay tuned for part 2…

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