A Really Good Feeling… 5

Hello everyone,

I pray all is well. After many months, I’ve finally completed drafts for each of my Lightweightz’ four-page intro stories. There are eight Lightweightz total, which means I’ve scripted a whopping 32 pages, lol! In terms of panels, that makes…just kidding!

Although they are just drafts, and even once they are “complete” I still have a long way to go, it feels like I’ve achieved a mini-milestone as far as creating my first comic goes. In terms of the order, I pretty much followed the results of the voting last year. So I completed the scripts in the following order:

(1) Solomon
(2) Kayin
(3) Abaddon
(4) Qasim
(5) Grace
(6) Ayden
(7) Gabriel
(8) Emi

So the only change was that I decided to script Gabriel’s intro before Emi’s.

While I enjoyed working on all of them, there were a few that stood out. I have to say that I may have enjoyed working on Ayden, Gabriel, and Emi’s the most. But I think this has more to do with the fact they came later, and by the time I got to them, I had noticed that I’ve been improving in my scripting and how I thought about telling their stories (at least by my modest standards, lol). I also found it interesting that Ayden and Emi’s were particularly hard, in that there were times where I ran into some rough patches story-wise, and was unsure of how to proceed. But in both instances once I broke through that patch, I was really pleased with the end result (at least as far as drafts are concerned).

Lastly, what I probably enjoyed the most while scripting these intros, are the issues/themes/threads that I’ve begun to establish with each story, that I plan on building upon once I beginning scripting the mini-series. Each character has become a little more real to me as a result, and I’m looking forward to seeing who they become and how they develop.

So since these drafts are complete, I can focus more on getting more completed pages drawn, which I’m super-excited about! Until the next update, take care, have a great weekend, and continue to pray for those who lost friends, family, and loved ones on 9-11, in the events following, and even to this day due to war and violence.

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I'm a Christian, husband, student, & comic writer. I like comics, hip-hop, basketball, & learning, and at the end of the day, I pray that my life meant something.

  • Thanks for the support you guys!

  • Devin Smith

    Congratulations, brother. Keep going!

  • charles

    it’s always a great feeling when you feel the joy of your creation finally starting to come together.
    wow, just got a revelation about that too…thats just the way God is when we start to come together and relying on Him.
    any way congrats.

    • Thanks for the support bro! And I’m curious as to what the revelation was about…

  • Great going Justin! I’m looking forward to the end results.