Which Lightweightz Preview Is Your Favorite So Far? 6

Hey everyone,

Seeing that preview pages for half of the Lightweightz have been posted, I figured now is a good time to get a sense of what people think. Take a minute and view the slide show and based on what you think is going on in each preview, vote for your favorite one. If the slide show is moving too fast, just stop it (by clicking the bottom center) and flip through the pages manually using the arrows. If you like, leave a comment briefly explaining why you chose the preview you did. The order of the pages in the slide show corresponds to the order of the choices in the poll. Let me know what you think, and spread the word!

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  • Alyssa

    I voted Solomon because we get a mini story here. It shows good art, storytelling, and a sense of who the character is.

  • I chose Solomon. The last few panels with the phone are very captivating. I absolutely love the art of the last panel! It gets the motion of a dropped cell phone perfectly. Another reason I like Solomon’s is because we get a good glimpse at his everyday routine before he’s interrupted.

    • Totally! The artist really did a good job of setting things up. Thanks for voting and commenting!

  • How do we know each one is which?

    • The order the previews (two pages at a time) are presented in the slide show is the same order as the name choices in the poll.