Recommended: The Circle Trilogy (2007)

Hello everyone,

One of the things I want to do more of, is share with you comics and graphic novels that I’ve come across and that I recommend. Whether I hear about them online, browsing through a comic store, or at a convention, I’ve been able to find some gems.

The comic I recommend today is The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker. You can view a synopsis of the books (Black, Red, and White) on his site. They were originally written as novels, and later translated into graphic novels. I’ve only read the graphic novels.

One of the books that has inspired me the most, The story follows a man named Thomas, who soon realizes that he lives in two worlds. Therefore when he goes to sleep in one world, he awakes in the other. Told from a Christian worldview, this action-packed story emphasizes the power of love, forgiveness, and sacrifice. I’ve read the trilogy twice already, and I’m pretty sure I’ll read it again.

If you’ve read it, what do you think? Take care and have a good one.

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