Press Release for the Hydroland: Aftermath Sampler

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Wednesday, January 11th saw the release of the Hydroland:Aftermath Sampler:

To help get the word out about the release, I took my first crack at putting together a press release. I’ve included it below. Please help me spread the word about the sampler by sharing this post via e-mail and on your social media platforms. Take care and have a great MLK day!

“January 11th, 2012
For Immediate Release

Justin Martin, co-creator, writer

Melchizedek Todd, co-creator, artist

Today sees the release of the Hydroland: Aftermath sampler. The brain child of Justin Martin (R-Squared Comicz) and Melchizedek Todd (Weapon Press), HA tells the story of an underwater civilization that has been all-but decimated by a full-on invasion, and how five survivors try to help their people move on. HA will be released as a one-shot, with the possibility of it becoming a more long-term project.

Hydroland: Aftermath is an action-packed, science-fiction story told from a Christian worldview. The science aspect of the story was influenced by Hydrodynamics, which is the study of the motion of fluids and how they are affected by internal and external forces. “One of the things we wanted to…was create a world in which a race of people not only lived in water, but learned to master it,” says Justin Martin, writer and co-creator of HA. As he and Melchizedek, artist and fellow co-creator were discussing ways to incorporate Hydrodynamics into the inhabitants’ use of water, they knew they wanted to be as creative as possible. “We…thought it would be cool for them to not only be able to manipulate the flow of water, but its very structure,” says Justin.

In preparation for the release of the one-shot, the creators wanted to put together a sampler, giving people early access into the HA world, as well as an inside look into the comic’s development. Featuring bios of the main characters, preview pages, rough page outlines of the script, and concept sketches, this sampler has something for everyone. The sampler can be downloaded for free through Wowio ( and the creators’ respective websites ( and

About R-Squared Comicz and Weapon Press. R-Squared Comicz was founded by Justin Martin with the purpose of using comics to tell engaging, relevant stories from a Christian worldview. A couple of titles slated for release this year are Lightweightz: The Anthology and The Story of Peter: Part 1 (Faith). Weapon Press was founded by Melchizedek Todd with the purpose of using comics and childrens books to provide people with hope, healing, and practical tools to achieve victory during spiritual warfare. To date, he was created three titles: Allegories of the Way, Cara and Her Forever Friend, and Faithland.”

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