Some Changes to the Lightweightz Anthology Scripts 3

Hello everyone,

I pray all is well. In light of a recent script review I received via Comixtribe, I’ve decided to make a few changes to the scripts for the Lightweightz Anthology. Some of the changes apply to scripts that (1) have already been drawn and are in the process of being colored, (2) have been drawn but not colored, (3) are in the process of being drawn, and (4) will be drawn in the future. After thinking about how to best incorporate the valuable feedback I received in light of my goals for releasing both parts of the anthology this year, I’ve decided to proceed as follows:


Scripts that have already been drawn and are in the process of being colored. Scripts for each of the intro stories to be included in part one of the anthology (to be released in April or May) have been drawn, and at least half of the pages for each script have been colored. Given how far along I am with these pages (as well as the fact that they are already paid for, lol!), I’ve decided to leave the pages as they are as far as structure is concerned (e.g., panel layouts, camera angles, etc.). What I will change (insofar as it does not go against the panels) is the dialogue. So in this regard, each of the intro stories will undergo an overhaul of some sorts.


Scripts that have been drawn but not colored. At the time of the feedback, there was one script that was drawn, but not yet colored. Since it will be included in part two of the anthology to be released later this year (November/December), I decided to redo the entire script and have those pages re-drawn. Yes that means that I would have paid to have the same script drawn twice, but in the end I felt it was worth it to redo it incorporating some of the feedback I received from the review.



Scripts that are in the process of being drawn. There was one character whose intro story fits this bill, and his script has  undergone an entire overhaul. I still may change some of the dialogue again before I include it in part two of the anthology, but based on the changes I’ve already made, I think the story turned out much better.

Scripts that will be drawn. Similar to the previous category, in that an entire overhaul is in order.

I feel like this is the best way for me to move forward, given how much has already been produced and invested in the anthology, and the amount of useful and relevant feedback I received.

What do you think? Have you ever decided to make significant changes to a script or scripts in light of feedback you received?

Until next time, take care and keep creating!

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  • Oh yeah, that has happened a few times.  Most suggestions I’ve received have always improved the comic, but there are times where I’m downright stubborn about what I want, and won’t change it.  🙂  It’s always good to listen, though.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I hear you Doug. In my case, the comments were related to format, making sure to include information that advances the story and eliminate information that doesn’t, and describing my panels in a way that makes my artist’s job easier, and gives him more creative freedom. So in my case, pretty much everything was relevant.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and thanks for leaving a comment!