Loving the concept: Hulk vs. God 10

Hello everyone,

I pray all is well. I must preface this post by saying that I did try to locate the artist of this piece to get permission to post it, but to no avail. Ok, my conscience is clear now, lol. A friend shared this picture on his Facebook profile, and it quickly spread and generated a lot of feedback. Seeing how I loved the way the Hulk was getting down in the Avengers movie, it makes this pic even cooler:

But of course, even the Hulk is no match for the power of God. If the artist happens to read this, just know that this pic is awesome, and that it’s been a source of encouragement to a lot of people, myself included.

Until next time everyone, peace and take care.

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  • Hulk Smash

    Huh…that´s unfair. God had no chance against The Hulk. Give God and Jesus the infinity gauntlet, and that can be a fair match.

  • Sandy Alfian’Sandevilz II

    may i use this artwork for T-shirt ???

    thx before, 3:))) . . .


    • RsquaredComicz

      Unfortunately I’m not the artist and I’ve been unable to locate him/her. So it’s not my call to make.

      • Sandy Alfian’Sandevilz II

        oh ok, thanks for your’info dude, let’s ride, 3:))) . . .


        • RsquaredComicz

          No problem.


    God and the Devil are weak if they really exist, they fear humans, and they aren’t omnipotent, no one is, humanity are the rulers, not god or his evil twin.You are wrong, hulk would win because hulk is a MAN not some disgusting supernatural coward like GOD, only idiots belive god is all powerful, he or the devil would have already “un-made” us.In reality any aliens or spiritual gods, wouldn’t be as potent as their fictitious counterparts.God’s/Devil’s omnipotence is as fictional as the hulk himself.Just letting you know God cant un-make shit in the blink of any eye or ass or stupidity, i hate people who worship gods and devils, stop being a douchey traitor, you are human, so go for the fucken home team, US!.Peace.

  • Hahaha. If God has the power to unmake you in the blink of an eye there’s no real contest.

    • RsquaredComicz

      Lol good point. And thanks for the link, checking it out now…

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  • Sdishman

    Im sorry to tell you this, but Hulk would SMASH God.