When a world falls apart: A review of Legends of Loros by Zach Bradley 1

Hello everyone,

I pray all is well. I just read the first issue of the on-going series  Legends of Loros by Zach Bradley, and right away I knew I wanted to do a review of it. It terms of the art and panel layout, Legend of Loros is similar to Red Star, a comic I recommended last year. But although I like the art, it’s the story that I want to focus on.




Legends of Loros tells the story of a world (Loros), whose technological and scientific advancements led to a better quality of life for its people. One King of Loros decided to take things a step further and not only live amongst the people he served, but to take on an ambitious project that would benefit the people even more, including those who needed it the most. But because his plans would “threaten” the wealth of others who were comfortable with the way things were, he ran into opposition. Eventually the King is assassinated, and a more oppressive ruler takes the throne. In an effort not to give too much away I won’t speak on exactly where the opposition comes from or who takes the throne, but trust me when I say that things get very interesting.

The story picks up after a rebellious collective rises up against this oppressive regime, and a prisoner is being interrogated. Once the guards are convinced the prisoner doesn’t know anything about the collective and is thus no longer useful, they attempt to execute her. The key word being attempt, because their party is soon crashed by some people with guns, and they kill the guards and rescue the prisoner.

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest thing I enjoyed about Legends of Loros is the story. In particular, I like the concept behind Loros in terms of their priorities and social structure. I think there’s a lot of room to flush out that world, and have an engaging dynamic involving a diverse cast of characters among the people who populate it. I also like how the opposition to the King’s plan plays out, as it sets the tone for a lot of interesting story arcs and themes to unfold as the story progresses.

You can read the first issue here. Until next time, peace and take care.

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