The discovery of a lifetime: A review of Bob Luedke’s Eye Witness series

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I pray all is well. I first came across Bob Luedke’s Eye Witness Series during the first year I decided to create my own comics, and at the time I knew very little about the type of Christian comics and graphic novels that existed. The reason why it’s taken me so long and share a few thoughts on the series is because it contained four books, and due to many things, I just recently finished reading the final book.


In a nutshell, the story revolves around Dr. Harper, a distinguished archeologist who gets asked to come to Israel to decipher an ancient text discovered in a tomb. What we soon finds out is that this is no ordinary text….It can literally change the world.


Dr. Harper also finds out, however, that there are powerful people who do not want this information getting out, and will go to great lengths to keep it under wraps. With book one setting the tone, the remaining three books focuses on Dr. Harper’s efforts to stay alive long enough to disclose his findings to the public. But there’s also another focus to the story, which I enjoyed, and found very interesting….





In addition to focusing on Dr. Harper’s life in the present, Eye Witness also spends a great deal of time in the past, in particular highlighting the life of the early Christ followers shortly after his death and resurrection, and particularly the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. So similar to Ted Dekker‘s Circle series, Eye Witness alternates back and forth between two worlds, Dr. Harper’s and the Apostle Paul’s.



These worlds are also connected, in that every time Dr. Harper goes into a trance, he’s taken back to the life of Paul, where he’s witnessing the events as if he was there.

Two of the major things I liked about Eye Witness were the level of intrigue and suspense involving Dr. Harper’s storyline on the one hand, and the level of depth in Paul’s character explored in his storyline on the other. The series is packed with great storytelling, enough twists and turns to keep you glued to what’s going to happen next, and a very accurate portrayal of the life of early Christ followers, Paul in particular. This is truly a gem of a series.


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