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I pray all is well. As I discussed in a post last year, I think how comics depict their characters is one of the most distinctive qualities of the medium. For me it always comes down to the question: Do I care enough about the character? And I think the structure of comics is such that when done right, it’s a lot easier for me to answer “yes” to the characters I read about in comics, than to those I see on tv (in general).

As for this post, I wanted to continue a theme that was the topic of discussion in a group chat I participated in with other Christian comic creators a while back. The question for discussion was, Which comic character would you remake from a Christian worldview and how? My initial answer was Daredevil and I’ll keep the how part to myself in the event I decide to do something with that concept, lol. Anyhow, here are seven Marvel characters I think would be interesting if re-done from a Christian worldview.

#1: Rogue

Why? In addition to the fact that she’s recently become one of my favorite X-Men, I think her ability would make for some very intriguing plot elements for a Christian character. What is one to do when she can not only “borrow” other people’s abilities, but show them how to properly use them as well?

#2: Daredevil

Why? One thing you can never accuse the Daredevil of is not caring for the people in Hell’s Kitchen. I’ve always liked how he stayed away from the “limelight” that many of his fellow heroes tended to be in, and always knew what was going on with the lives of the residents. Also the fact that he’s blind yet extremely difficult to defeat in one-on-one combat is like the coolest thing ever. I would like to see a character who cares as much about the people he serves and is as relevant to the lives of those people as Daredevil…but whose “level of caring” is derived from his faith in God and commitment to love others.

#3: Marrow

Why? Outside of the fact that she was a member of the underground mutant community known as the Morlocks, I didn’t know much about Marrow. But after learning that she was rescued by Gambit when the Mauraders were sent by Mr. Sinister to slaughter them, and seeing her in Wolverine and the X-Men, I started becoming more fond of her. I think it would be really cool if a similar character was spared from being slaughtered, and because she felt like she was saved for a reason, vowed to serve others as a way to show her gratitude to God.

#4: Silver Surfer

Why? The Silver Surfer has always been one of my favorite characters. Not just because of his awesome powers, but also because of his deep, philosophical nature. He always seems focused on the “bigger picture,” and I can see him as some sage quoting proverbs and helping maintain intergalactic harmony in the name of God, the creator of the universe.

#5: Black Widow

Why? With a past as shady as hers, why not, lol? But seriously, I think it would be real interesting to see what happens when a spy and assassin has a “Paul” experience and encounters Christ on her way to complete a mission. How would such an encounter change her? What things pertaining to her past and her “skill set” would she struggle to overcome?

#6: Vulcan

Why? Man, I can’t say enough about Vulcan. Since I read about his existence in X-Men: Deadly Genesis, I’ve been engulfed in that whole “Summers brothers/Shi’ar-X-Men” saga. I think what makes Vulcan such an interesting character is that as powerful as he is, he’s got some real trauma he’s dealing with, he’s immature, and is outraged with the person he is and how his life has turned out. What happens when a person so broken chooses to be made whole?

#7: Multiple Man

Why? If there was a ever a character whose ability can reflect their insecurities/struggles as well as it can mask them, it’s Multiple Man. Aside from the things going in his personal life, the fact that he has some dupes he likes more than others makes for some interesting character dynamics. Who are you when you can be anyone?

So here you go. As more characters I would like to see retold from a Christian worldview come to mind, I’ll post about them. In the meantime, what characters would you like to see retold from a Christian worldview?

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  • Demetrios

    About Black Widow, it would be interesting to see someone do something with her (or Colossus) that possibly builds on an Orthodox angle. After all, they are Russian after all.

    • RsquaredComicz

      Yeah good point. I think both characters could “play” off that theme, given Black Widow’s profession and checkered past and Colossus’ strong family values.

  • Officer M

    I also would like to see marvel deal with the ol bamf master himself…Nightcrawler. There has been times when they delved into his religious and theological past. But It would be nice if they allowed Christians to come up with a “What If” version. Then it wouldn’t be Marvel Cannon but the story could get told… Hey Justin, you should try it. Stan the Man Lee might just bite.

    • RsquaredComicz

      lol wouldn’t that be cool? He had a quote about forgiveness in one of the episodes of the 90s cartoon that I absolutely loved. I thought the faith aspect of his character was portrayed really well in the couple of episodes he was in. It sucks that he’s dead now (at least in the “normal” earth he is).

  • Charles

    Spider man. How would you deal with the killer of your own family member knowing you have powers. He struggled with that because of pride and now he fights evil and I has the power to kill his enemies and yet he doesn’t.
    Moon knight to, he has the feel of Paul the apostle and to redeemed and walks around all in white.

    • RsquaredComicz

      I feel you on the Spiderman, and I like the Moon Knight plug, especially since he’s an “under-the-radar” character.

    • Officer M

      I think that the Uncle Ben angle is underused with spider man I believe that there is much to learn from that part of his story. I think that it should be the force that drives him while also the force that binds him. I think that Parker should suffer deep sorrow from not acting and it should greatly effect how he behaves pointing to areas of self forgiveness. (extra) I use the story often, when I am training young officers. I use it to point out that everything that you do as a cop has repercussions. Some good and some bad. I also use it to point out, when you get lazy and let the small bad guy go, or simply not ID him. He can turn out to be the one that does the most harm to an innocent. (even more extra) a few years ago there was a dude running around in our local parks harassing kids while wearing a spider man costume. Our Major put up a look out for us to identify who this guy was. I couldn’t help it, I put up a police report listing peter parker as the suspect and his aunt Mae’s address as his last know residence. I included a photo of Tobey Maguire unmasked as spider man. I got lots of laughs even from the major. (that was back when policing was pure fun!)

      • RsquaredComicz


  • Officer M

    good food for thought brother. I would like to see the Rouge thing played out. I would like to see her reconcile with Ms. Marvel (btw dont know if its been done yet I have not followed the story close enough since 1994–showing my age). I think that a plot on where she has to reconcile all of the wrongs done by the people she has had contact with and that she has taken or borrowed their powers, inevitably ending with her dealing with Carol Danvers herself. And leaving Rouge with the decision of giving back Ms.Marvel her powers while risking becoming less superhuman herself. Is Rogue internally strong enough to deal with such a decision?

    • RsquaredComicz

      I agree, that would make for a great story!