An illustrated prayer for Newtown, Connecticut by Brien Sparling

Hey everyone,

Since learning of last week’s shooting in Newton, Connecticut, I’ve been amazed at how quick people are responding by offering assistance, encouragement, and/or support to those affected. One such example of encouragement comes from Brien Sparling, and once I saw it, I knew I had to post it.

Instead of summarizing the process that brought about this piece, I’ll include what he e-mailed me word for word:

“I used a picture of my four-year old granddaughter for the child and┬ástudied my own expression in the mirror for the father, which means I’m really identifying with the grieving parents. The shadow, the intangable presense, of Jesus is a light in my depression as well.”

Please spread the word about this powerful and encouraging piece, and continue to keep everyone affected in your thoughts and/or prayers.

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