7 Christian webcomics you should be reading (part 1) 6

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I pray all is well. As an avid comic-reader, I love to share what I’m reading with others, and to hear about what others are reading. Here are 7 Christian webcomics I think are worth reading, but before we dive in, there are two clarifications. First, I use “Christian” in broad terms, to refer to more explicitly Christian comics as well as comics not explicitly Christian, but told from a Christian worldview and written by Christian creators. Second, this list does not imply that there are Christian webcomics I don’t think are worth reading. These are just some of the webcomics I’m reading (or have read) and for various reasons I really like. Now for the run-down…

#1: Rabbi Encounters by Rob Woodrum

What it’s about: Set in the present, Rabbi Encounters is about the experiences of various individuals who meet this mysterious Rabbi.

Why you should read it: Because it’s a combination of great characterization and compelling, relevant stories.

#2: Faithland by Melchizedek Todd

What it’s about: Faithland is a gritty, urban tale about superheroes, offering a different take on Christian superheroes.

Why you should read it: Because it’s action-packed, engaging, and different from most Christian superhero comics you’ve probably read.

#3: Cleopatra in Space by Mike Maihack

What it’s about: What would you do if you were zapped from your home and time, and suddenyl found yourself in space and in the middle of an epic war? Welcome to the world of Cleopatra VII, and her adventures in Cleopatra in Space.

Why you should read it: Characterization is huge for me, and Cleopatra is one of the most awesome characters I’ve came across period. From the moment she’s introduced, you’re rooting for her. And the epic space action is good too, lol.

#4: Flying Sparks by Jon Del Arroz (Back Row Comics)

What it’s about: Flying Sparks is about a superhero and a villain who fall for each other. Does it get any more drama-filled than that?

Why you should read it: Interesting concept, great action, and great art. It doesn’t get much better than this.

#5: Jackie Rose by Josh Ulrich

What it’s about: Jackie Rose is an Indian Jones-style comic about Jackie and her adventures in saving the world, all while being a good daughter and friend. Piece of cake right?

Why you should read it: If you’re into Indiana Jones and/or national Treasure movies, then this is for you. If you’re not into those movies, then still check it out. Everything about it is top-notch, and you won’t be disappointed.

#6: Reverend Fun

What it’s about: A series of strips exploring the humorous side of the Christian faith, Reverend Fun is a must read. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve laughed at a strip and was impressed by the creativity of a joke…and it didn’t take long at all.

Why you should read it: It’s hilarious and appealing to Christians and non-Christians alike.

#7: Angel Savior by Jason Richardson (J1 Studios)

What it’s about: Angel Savior is a fresh take on the “angels” story. But trust me, you haven’t seem them like this yet.

Why you should read it: In addition to it being action-packed and containing a solid story, the angels are situated within a real-world context that makes them more relatable…makes them more human.

Check out these great comics, and if there are any others you recommend, post them in the comments section. Take care and be on the lookout for part 2…

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  • Lushane Jones

    The best I’ve found is Adam4d.com. It doesn’t get more Christian than that.

    • RsquaredComicz


  • kingmcdee

    One problem with the last one – angels aren’t “meant” to be human, they’re meant to be angels. Trying to portray them as humans seems theologically suspect to me.

    • RsquaredComicz

      Good point!

  • Jason Richardson

    So cool to see my book in this! Wow!! Thanks and God Bless!

    • RsquaredComicz

      No prob…always down to support great work!