Buy a comic for yourself, hook up someone else

Hey everyone,

I pray all is well. To show my gratitude for your support for Lightweightz: The Anthology Part One and Part Two, I’ve come up with a really cool offer for you and someone else. For each comic you buy, someone else will be able to get a free comic preview of their choice. So if you buy Part One or Part Two, that person will get to read one story for free. If you purchase both comics, then they’ll get to read two stories. Pretty cool huh?




How it works is simple:

#1: You purchase Part One and/or Part Two.

#2: The person e-mails me ( with the subject  “Free comic preview” and includes your name and e-mail (the one you used to purchase the comic) in the message.

#3: I send them the link to choose which story/stories they want and once they decide, I’ll send it to them!

A deal this awesome you don’t want to pass up. So buy a comic for yourself, hook up someone else, and spread the word!

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I'm a Christian, husband, student, & comic writer. I like comics, hip-hop, basketball, & learning, and at the end of the day, I pray that my life meant something.