Support Christian comic/anime creator Kenneth Bright Jr.’s Prince Adventures!

Hey everyone,
I pray all is well. Check out the message below from a friend and fellow creator Kenneth Bright Jr. He recently launched a fundraising campaign and would appreciate your prayers and support. Share it with your friends, and check out our 2011 interview to learn more about him.
We are raising money for our first animated short, Prince Adventures: Anointed, where three anointed brothers take on Satan and the powers of darkness!This little short has a huge production team including JanAnimations, Okratron 5000 (Epic Mickey, Donkey Kong Returns, The Chronicles of Narnia and Dragon Ball Z) and mega anime stars Chuck Huber, Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn!Please help us make our dreams come true. Help produce the next big thing. Help make history. There are amazing rewards for those who give a certain amount like a personal message from anime stars Chuck Huber and Todd Haberkorn!
You can give here. The first issue of Prince Adventures and its audiobook can be purchased through our website.
In other great news we’ve mapped out the beginning of Prince Adventures. With everything that’s going on we may have an animated series soon produced by the studio who brought us AFRO SAMURAI! That’s our goal! Very excited about what God is doing. The overflow of quality Christian entertainment is coming! Please keep Fantasy Soft Entertainment and everyone involved in your prayers! God Bless!

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