Recommended: Gambit (2012-present) by James Asmus (Marvel Comics)

Gambit_1Hey everyone,

I pray all is well. Today’s recommendation is Marvel comics’ current Gambit series ┬áby James Asmus. Although I’ve mentioned before that Gambit’s my favorite X-Man, I’m serious when I say this series is really good. There’s basically a different story arc every 4-5 issues, which is cool because it keeps you engaged while providing closer to previous arcs. Without spoiling things, the series follows Gambit as he steps away from his duties as instructor at the Jean Grey school to feed his itch to “get into some thieving stuff.” But he soon finds out that shaking the “nice-guy-hero” role (even temporarily) is much harder than he thought.



There are many different layers to Gambit, and the series seems dedicated to exploring each of them. The art, action, and story are all good, and I highly recommend it. And given all of the confusing (at least to me) with all of the different X-Books, it’s good to have one self-contained series that’s easy for new readers to jump into. If you’re reading it, what do you think?

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