Recommended: X-Men Origins: Gambit (2009) by Mike Carey (Marvel Comics)

Gambit_OriginsHey everyone,

Yes, this is another Gambit recommendation. This time it’s his origin story, written by Mike Carey. It contains four short chapters, with each chapter covering an aspect of Gambit’s life. The chapters follow his life chronologically, so we get a good look at the experiences that have played a role in who he has become. I found the chapters dealing with his history with Mr. Sinister the most interesting, although the opening chapter that shows his relationships with Belladona and his father was really good as well. I think Carey and the artists (Yardin & Roberson) did a great job of showing the consequences and implications of the onset of his ability, and how it affected him moving forward.


If you’ve read it already, what do you think?

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