Chris Dickens & Phil Morgenthaler bring Vigilante Project to San Diego Comic Con

CD_VP-Promo_1Hey everyone,

I pray all is well. I’m glad to announce that my friend Chris DickensVigilante Project will be at SDCC this year. Here’s a blurb about the project, and if you run into them, show some support!

Sick of his alcoholic stepfather’s abusiveness, one night, ten year old Alvin Gentry took matters into his own hands and ended it. Cleared of criminal charges but forced to undergo years of mind-numbing counseling, Alvin became a father figure to his baby sister Alicia. Working harder than any kid should, he helped raise her while his newly single Mother worked two jobs to get by.



As an adult Alvin is at best, apathetic. He attends NYU and keeps a steady job, but the only thing that he takes seriously is his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, and his dream of making it to the UFC. That is, until something else steals his focus…

Read more here and download the press kit.

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