8 Christian creator-owned comics and graphic novels successfully funded through Kickstarter

kickstarter-badge-fundedHey everyone,

I pray all is well. As Kickstarter continues to play a significant role in publishing comics, it’s been great to see Christian creators utilize this funding platform. Here are 8 Christian-creator owned comics and graphic novels that have been funded through Kickstarter, and that I’ve been fortunate enough to back.




#1: Vigilante Project



Goal: $3,750

Raised: $3,836

Backers: 72

Alvin Gentry is a normal college student with a dark past. When his kid sister is kidnapped, raped, and murdered, Alvin trusts the police to find the person responsible. But as the investigation stalls, he uncovers a clue that could help solve the case. Ignored by police and with more and more time passing, Alvin considers finding the assailant himself. With no special training, experience, or resources, this vigilante project would be a huge undertaking. Is Alvin ready for the challenge?


#2: H.O.P.E.: Tales of the Nuclear Family  



Goal: $3,000

Raised: $3,170

Backers: 46

H.O.P.E.: Tales of the Nuclear Family (or H.O.P.E.) is an adventure series starring the “Nuclear Family”.  Our heroes are a uniquely assembled bunch surviving together as a family in an unforgiving wasteland.  The story is packed with danger and fun in the vein of 80’s classics such as “The Goonies” and the “Indiana Jones” series.





Goal: $2,000

Raised: $2,047

Backers: 80

The world of WILL POWER is opening up and THE ACTION PACK are key players! They Debuted in issue three of THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER! They are the nation’s premier teen super group! Among their cast are: BOY FEARLESS, ELEMENT GIRL, THE QUIVER KID, ROUGH-DRAFT, and SKETCH!

#4: Judges



Goal: $2,000

Raised: $2,076

Backers: 57

Judges is an adaptation of the biblical book of the same name. It tells of the superheroes of the old testament.

#5: Urban Myth



Goal: $3,978

Raised: $5,372

Backers: 143

Urban Myth is an imaginative superhero epic that puts a contemporary twist on classic mythology.

#6: Revelations


Goal: $3,978

Raised: $5,372

Backers: 143

[Revelations] Chapter 4 is the next installment of my post apocalyptic graphic novel. For 6 years it’s been collecting dust… enough is enough. 

#7: The David Story: A Visual Translation


Goal: $12,000

Raised: $12,965

Backers: 105

A comic book series of the life of David – where the scripture is the script.

#8: Jackie Rose


Goal: $6,750

Raised: $14,916

Backers: 459

Action, adventure, and air pirates. The first volume of my graphic novel series, Jackie Rose.



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