Christian creator-owned webcomics

Hey everyone,

In addition to highlighting my comic projects, I also want this blog to be place where people can learn about other Christian creator-owned comics. To that end, I’ve received permission from some creators to repost their webcomics on my blog. Here are the webcomics I am reposting/have reposted so far, and I will update this page as more come in.

The United by Melchizedek Todd


17 different Christian heroes unite to stop an earth-shattering threat. Get in on the action!

The Killer by Frank Patriot


A story about a murder, with a surprising twist. Check it out!

From Nothing Comics by Steve Crespo


Comic strips about life told from a Christian worldview. Check ’em out!

About R-Squared Comicz

I'm a Christian, husband, student, & comic writer. I like comics, hip-hop, basketball, & learning, and at the end of the day, I pray that my life meant something.