Recommended: Xenoglyphs by Omar Spahi

XenoglyphsHey everyone,

I pray all is well. It’s been awhile since I’ve recommended a comic, but don’t worry because I’m coming back in a major way. I have a lot of recommendations coming your way, and to kick things off is Xenoglyphs, written and created by Omar Spahi and drawn by PJ Catacutan. I’ve been following the comic for a while through Facebook and Twitter, but I kept putting off getting a copy. In June while at a Vegas comic store I came across a hard copy, and I couldn’t pass it up.



Xenoglyphs is about a hero who tries to stop powerful artifacts (Xenoglyphs) from falling into the wrong hands. Here’s a description of the world, from the website:

The world we all live in has so many unexplained mysteries, whether it’s how the Greek Gods had power or the reason why JFK was assassinated. Everything has an explanation and that explanation is Xenoglyphs. Xenoglyphs will allude to all areas of the historical past and explain some the worlds most questionable events. Stonehenge will be explained, as will the origin of Machu Pichu. Xenoglyphs is the one secret that no one wants you to know about, because if that power fell into the wrong hands the world would never be able to recover.

I’ve only read the first issue so far, and I can’t wait to read the second. The characters are well-done, and the fast, action-packed nature of the story keeps you engaged…like you’re a part of what’s unfolding. I also really like how the Xenoglyphs concept is integrated within actual world history and mythology. Check it out…you won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve read it already, what do you think?

Note: There are a couple of instances of mild/suggestive language.

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