Jeff Williams and David Campbell launch urban Christian webcomic The Calling 2

DCa_the_calling_art_2Hey everyone,

I pray all is well.  A new Christian webcomic, The Calling (, launched 9/1, and one of the creators, David Campbell will interviewed later this month. Here’s a description about the comic, taken from the website:

With The Calling we wanted to follow a character who was doing the totally opposite of what God wanted and then heard the voice of the Lord. He then wants to do things God’s way but the circumstances around him didn’t support his new beliefs, and this is our character’s struggle. We hope it motivates young people who find the Lord but are struggling with the world around them.


Check it and spread the word!

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  • 7csmith

    The world needs this today… nice job DC! Chris Smith- Minneapolis, MN

    • RsquaredComicz

      Yes indeed!