Recommended: Proverbs and Parables by New Creation Now

Proverbs_&_ParablesHey everyone,

I pray all is well. It’s taken forever, but I’m finally getting around to recommending Proverbs and Parables┬áby New Creation Now. As clear through my previous recommendations of New Creation Now comics, I absolutely love what they are doing.




Proverbs and Parables is the result of a massive collaboration of Christian creators, and contains a wide variety of stories illustrating the proverbs and Jesus’ parables found in the Bible. Packed with great stories spanning a wide range of genres, I highly recommend you check it out. Here’s a description from Amazon:

A Christian comic book anthology, Proverbs & Parables features short vignettes based around the proverbs of Solomon and the parables of Christ. Over sixty artists participated in this anthology, reflecting a very wide range of art styles and genres — from “grim & gritty” to “funny animals”. This book is a visual celebration of the words of the wise, and the wisdom of God’s Word.

If you’ve read it already, what do you think?

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