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Page 51 of Melchizedek Todd’s Christian superhero crossover The United

Here’s the last page of The United for this current batch. I hope you’ve enjoyed them, and download your free copy of part one if you haven’t yet.  

Leonard Cook answers the “Why Superheroes?” question

  I came across this almost two weeks ago and after receiving permission to re-post, I decided to share it. It’s a reflection and answer by Leonard Cook to the Why Superheroes? question. Share your thoughts by contacting him directly or leaving a comment below.   Why Superheroes by Leonard Cook   I […]

Comic quote #7: Not off the hook

Laurel: The further the misery spreads, the deeper it goes, the stronger his foothold becomes, and the more every place will become like this place. David: That’s what the walkers were doing when I stumbled across them in L.A., wasn’t it? Getting supplies of drugs to the dealers, having people […]