Daily Archives: October 1, 2013

Digital art vs. traditional art by Paolo Libunao

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. Comic creator Paolo Libunao recently weighed in on the pros and cons of digital and traditional art. For the artists out there, check it out and share your thoughts by leaving a comment and/or contacting Paolo directly.         In this digital […]

Latest review of Lightweightz: The Anthology Part Two

Hey everyone, I just received another positive review of Lightweightz: The Anthology Part Two, this time from comic artist Brian Salinas of Not Forgotten Studios. I’m grateful and humbled for him taking the time to review it. Check it out and if you’ve read Part Two, what do you think? […]

Is there such a thing as “Christian” art and entertainment? (Part one)

  Comic creator Phillip Willis recently did a two-part series on the topic of “Christian” art and entertainment. Read an except below, and the whole thing here. I listen to a local TV program that generally speaks about the differences between fundamental Christianity and Mormonism.  I already know most of what […]

The week four winners of the September giveaway are…

Hey everyone, So we’ve arrived at the end of the giveaway. Congratulations to the week four winners Tony Cleaver and Abdul Muhammad…your comics are on the way! Thanks to everyone who entered and/or help spread the word during this month’s giveaway. Like the page and/or subscribe to the newsletter to […]