Pathways Kickstarter Coming Soon…

Pathways Cover Draft (WM)Hey everyone,

This fall, I hope to launch my second Kickstarter (you can check out the first one here). This campaign will be for Pathways, a 10-page mini-comic revolving around four individuals and inspired by my experiences living in the Bay Area. Each of these individuals arrive at the same church on a given Sunday, but for different reasons (i.e., via different “paths”). These characters exist within the current Lightweightz universe, so this will not be the last you see of them (Lightweightz #1 is in the early stages of development). It was written by myself and draw by the amazingly awesome Takeia Marie.



Because the comic is short and only digital, I will likely have to rely on a large number of small-modest donations ($1-25) to reach my goal this time around instead of some of the relatively larger ones I received during my first campaign ($30-100).


So it will be even more important this time around that the campaign reaches as many people as possible. Regarding this, I would greatly appreciate if you would take a few seconds to complete the one question survey below. It will help me as I develop my outreach strategy for the campaign.




– J




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