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Hi everyone,

I pray all is well. After two previously successful Kickstarter campaigns, comic creator Simon Amadeus Pillario just released a Kickstarter for the Gospel of Mark.

Check out the press release below to learn more about the project:

The Passion of the Christ meets Frank Miller’s “300” : New Word for Word Bible Comic on Kickstarter 

The Old Testament graphic novel series that raised £30,000 (~$40,000) and is within the top 10% most funded comics ever on Kickstarter, is about to embark into the New Testament with their new instalment, the Gospel of Mark: Word for Word Bible Comic.
The three key points of this series have always been to include every word of Scripture, to make it as historically accurate as possible and never to water down the content for children, but present the unedited story for an adult audience (15+). Now, in addition to those, the creator Simon Amadeus Pillario intends to present the events of the Gospel of Mark in harmony with the other Gospel accounts. 
Starting on March the 3rd, this graphic novel series returns to Kickstarter and aims to raise a minimum of £15,000 (~$20,000) in just 37 days. “Kickstarter funding is all or nothing, so it’s has been a crazy ride but one filled with much blessing. With something that is a gap in the market it can be impossible to find standard investment, but with crowdfunding you can cut straight through that and prove the product by taking it straight to the customer.” Pillario explained. 
Please consider supporting the project and spreading the word!

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