Christian Comics News Blast #1


I often receive e-mail updates from various creators doing awesome work, so I decided to starting bring you in on the news as well. Without further ado, here’s the first news blast!


Kingstone Comics releases 101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity: Volume 5

Vince White brings the Power Universe to life by raising over $7,000 on Kickstarter

Simon Pillario notches another successful Kickstarter, this time raising over 20,000 euros for the latest book in his Word for Word Bible Comic series.

Bear Truth Collective’s Paul the Apostle: A Graphic Novel won the Christian Small Publisher Association’s Children’s Book of the Year Award

Got some news you’d like for me to share? Send it to along with any other information (e.g., comic/project blurb, sample images, etc.) you’d like for me to post.

– Justin


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