Christian Comic Arts Society at SDCC 2017!

Hi everyone,

If you are unlike me and are able to check out the awesomeness that is SDCC 2017, here are a couple of panels put on by the Christian Comics Arts Society:

Saturday, 7-8pm

Spiritual Themes in Comics Panel. This will mark the 20th year that the Christian Comic Arts Society has hosted the Spiritual Themes in Comics panel at San Diego.  As spiritual themes continue to be explored in movies like Wonder Woman, comics, science fiction, and fantasy, panelists will delve into and examine how spiritual themes influence the entertainment industry and how the reality of spiritual beliefs impact the culture’s perception of spiritual influences.  Panelists include B. Dave Walters (Electropunk), Travis Hanson (Beanleaf Press), Buzz Dixon (Serenity), Scott Mercano (Diablo Publishing), Adam Key (Canal Street) and Geoff Strout– moderator (Faithful Creative). Room 4

Sunday, 10-11am (Worship Service @ 9:30am)

Christians and Comics. Join the Christian Comic Arts Society, Geeks4God, and Geeky Guys for God as they host the Sunday morning meeting.  It begins at 9:30am with worship with Brendan Prout, Sam and Leia Hornedo, and Josh Sims. Christian professionals in the entertainment industry will discuss their faith and how it influences their professional lives, their decisions, and the creative process. Panelists include Sergio Cariello (Action Bible), Rhyan LaMarr (Canal Street), Kelly Fellows (Next Gen Foursquare Leader), Carmi Greene (Actress), Scott Zambelli (Topps- Transformers, Lucasfilm- Star Wars) and more… Room 28DE

Enjoy, and I wish I could be there!

– Justin


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