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Introducing The Story of Peter: Faith with Priest and comic creator Earnest Graham

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. Today’s an exciting day, as I officially announce the release of The Story of Peter: Faith, which is a collaboration between myself and Earnest Graham (Priest and comic creator). This is the first book in what will be a three-book series. Below is a blurb […]

Creator interview #62: Earnest Graham

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. For the 62nd interview it is with great honor that I introduce my friend and co-collaborator on The Story of Peter, Earnest Graham. He labors in the vineyards of God’s Kingdom, serving as both a Bible Comic Artist and Ordained Minister in the […]

The Life of Peter: A Collaboration with Earnest Graham 5

Ok, so I’ve been holding this in for a while now, and I’m really excited to finally be sharing the news with you. A while ago, I came across a blog by Earnest Graham, a priest and graphic novelist. I was immediately blown away by his work, which takes books […]

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The Story of Peter: Faith (2013)   Writer: Justin Martin Art, Colors, and Letters: Earnest Graham The first book of The Story of Peter series, Faith explores Peter’s early relationship with Jesus Christ, and the experiences that helped solidify his faith in Him. Download a free preview. You can pay what you want, or pay […]

The Story of Peter Preview (Pt. 2)

Hello everyone, If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m officially going in with the preview page updates! This is the last one for now, and is also from The Story of Peter, the project I am working on with Earnest Graham. It is taken from Matthew 16:13-20, when Jesus […]

The Story of Peter Preview (Pt. 1)

Hello everyone, And the previews continue. For those of you keeping up with R-Squared, you know that in addition to working on my flagship title Lightweightz, I am also collaborating with Earnest Graham on a project called The Story of Peter, about the life of the apostle Peter. The following […]

Attribute Challenge Day 12: Mulitfaceted

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Today’s focal attribute is God and Jesus as multifaceted. This attribute relates specifically to my reason for doing this challenge, seeing that there are many different ways in which God has been (and is) at work in my life. The scripture comes from […]