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Recommended: Colossians by Joe Endres

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. It’s always great when I read a comic, and immediately I know I’ve immersed myself in a story that’s epic in scope, and whose characters are engaging and relatable. Such is the case with Joe Endres’ Colossians. It tells the story of an […]

Christian comic creator interview #52: Joe Endres 1

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Today we have Joe Endres. Joe is a lifelong fan of comics, and through ten years of Megazeen (a Christian comic magazine) helped pioneer a new way of looking at Christian comics. He also helped Megazeen launch several creators in their first published […]

Creator interview #93: Mark Melton

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Today we have Mark Melton, creator of Vision Land Comics. Mark’s been making comics since 5th grade. His work has been published in Focus on the Family’s Breakaway magazine, Quest Comics, Megazeen and much more. He also self-published a few titles of his own […]

Creator interview #65: Jesus Marquez

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. For this Sunday’s interview we have the Sequential Assassin, Wanna-Be Luchador & All around good guy – Jesus Marquez. He has been drawing professionally since 2003, and has done work for Megazeen, Blindwolf Studios & Twilight Star Studios. He has also done worked […]

Creator interview #54: Frank Patriot 2

Hello everyone, For today’s interview we have creator Frank Patriot. Frank lives in the Bible Belt. He likes zombies, ice hockey, Christian hip hop, drawing comics and Reformed Theology. He’s been married to the same awesome woman for ten years and was known as “that guy who draws” all through […]