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Creator interview #79: James Tenney 4

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. Today’s featured creator is James Tenney. He was born in Akron, OH in 1977 and lived there for twelve years before moving a suburb called Coventry.¬†According to his father he always drew…and as a baby even took “stuff” out of his diaper to […]

Christian Comic Artist Challenge (2013) 1

On August 28th, 2013, Mike Abuan (the artist behind Collision) posted an artist challenge in some Christian comic Facebook groups. The challenge was for an artist to draw another creator’s character. As soon as he posted the challenge awesome pieces started coming in from a variety of artists. Inspired by […]

Why I interview Christian comic creators

Hey everyone, I received the following comment shortly after posting my interview featuring Christian comic creator James Tenney: I’ve seen other Tenney artwork and it is simply amazing. I’m glad to see his work is finally being recognized. I look forward to hearing more about him and his artwork. – […]