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Creator interview #91: Phillip Willis

Hey everyone, Today we have Phillip Willis, born and raised in Florida.  As a teenager, he felt there was more to life than just living life, day after day, chasing pursuits that we could never fully grasp.  He studied a number of religions, and saw through apologetics and common sense […]

Phillip Willis’ 3 tips for creating Christian comics

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. Phillip Willis of Cyberlight Comics recently shared some good advice for Christian comic creators. Check it out, spread the word, and feel free to post additional advice in the comments section.  

Is there such a thing as “Christian” art and entertainment? (Part one)

  Comic creator Phillip Willis recently did a two-part series on the topic of “Christian” art and entertainment. Read an except below, and the whole thing here. I listen to a local TV program that generally speaks about the differences between fundamental Christianity and Mormonism.  I already know most of what […]