The Christian Comic Artist Challenge is in full swing!

Hey everyone, On August 28th, 2013, Mike Abuan (the artist behind Collision) posted an artist challenge in some Christian comic Facebook groups. The challenge was for an artist to draw another creator’s character. As soon as he posted awesome pieces started coming in from a variety of artists. Inspired by the […]

Inker looking for work at a price of your choosing

Hey everyone, I told a recent artist I met on Facebook, Gary Mitchell, that I would help get the word out about his current deal. He’s looking for inking work, and is willing work for whatever you choose to pay him. Check out some samples below and on his DA […]

Comic and storyboard artist looking for work

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. A Facebook friend of mine, Micheal Collins, is a comic and storyboard artist looking for work. Check out some awesome samples below, and you can contact him via e-mail ( or through Facebook. Take care and keep creating!        

My Interview on Spray Paint & Ink Pens 2

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. I recently had the honor of being interviewed an awesome person and artist, Takeia Dunlop, whose blog Spray Paint & Ink Pens features her weekly sketches as well as articles pertaining to art, comics, and other things. I must say that she made […]