Artist David McConnehey Represents R-Squared Comicz at 2016 Fantasticon

Hi everyone, I pray all is well. Back in October (29th and 30th), artist and friend David McConnehey helped increase the exposure of R-Squared Comicz by including Lightweightz at his table at Fantasticon in Fort Wayne, IN.   I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be represented at the […]

Third Time’s a Charm

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. In September, I was blessed to be able to attend the third annual Alpha Omega (AO) Con in southern California. As a participant in early discussions about the possibility of a Christian comic convention in southern California, I still remember my reaction when […]

Creator Interview #100: Ralph Miley

Four years in…and we’ve finally arrived at the 100th interview! It is a blessing to kick off this moment with former teacher and current pastor Ralph Miley, a trailblazing pioneer in comics for over 20 years. I’m done talking. On to the awesomeness! When did you first get into comics […]

Christian and family friendly comic con coming to Southern California

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. On September 20th, Alpha Omega Con, a Christian and family friendly comic convention, is coming to Southern California. It’s brought to you by the Christian Comic Arts Society, and you can register through the website. You can also stay updated via Facebook, Twitter, […]

Christian Comic Professionals Experience Multiple Levels of Success at SDCC ’12!

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. It is with greets joy that I update you on the¬†multiple levels of success¬†Christian comic professionals experiences at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. I’ve included the press-release below so you can get brought up to speed. Until next time, take care, and keep […]

Image Comics Expo: A Brief Recap

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Since my interest in comics resurfaced back in 2005, I’ve been a fairly regular attendee of comic conventions in California (average about one per year). I’ve primarily been attending Wondercon and APE, and I still have plans to attend a Comic-Con at least […]