Hydroland: Aftermath

The God Scene interview 2.0

Hey everyone, In February 2012 I was interviewed on The God Scene radio show, hosted by my friend Melchizedek Todd and his wife Nicole. He recently cleaned it up a bit and combined both interviews (which were initially done a week apart) into one. In it I discuss the concept […]

“Media Kit” Page Added: Learn More About R-Squared Comicz as a Company and a Blog

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. I just added a Media Kit page, that summarizes the purposes of R-Squared Comicz as a company and blog, as well as the projects that are currently in the works. Take care, and have a great one.

Celebrating three years in: A look back at year three 2

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. In addition to the latest podcast where I recap the major highlights of this past year, I wanted to include those highlights in post form as well. In the spirit of brevity, this list will not include everything discussed in the podcast. So […]

A review of the Hydroland: Aftermath Sampler by Sam White

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. One of my earlier interviewees, Sam White, was gracious enough to be the first to review the Hydroland: Aftermath Sampler. As I’m preparing to shift some of my attention back to HA once the first part of Lightweightz: The Anthology is released, I’m […]

My Interview on The God Scene Radio Show

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. For anyone interested, I was interviewed by Melchizedek Todd in February for his newly-started radio show, The God Scene. The interview was conducted in two parts. Below is a brief description of what was discussed in each part, and the time that the […]

Hydroland: Aftermath Spotlight: Salena

Hello everyone, Last but not least, we have Salena: Ever since she accepted her calling, Salena has been a dedicated spiritual leader for her people. The epitome of what it means to love others, she would always make sure the spiritual well-being of her people (and thus their relationship with […]

Hydroland: Aftermath Spotlight: Janelle

Hello everyone, On deck today we have Janelle:   Determined, ambitious, and stubborn, Janelle prides herself on getting results and solving problems in the domain of science. Most of her accomplishments have served to advance both the field of science and the quality of living of her people. But with […]

Hydroland: Aftermath Spotlight: Diego

Hello everyone, Welcome to day three of the Hydroland: Aftermath character spotlights. Today we have Diego:   A decorated officer who always did things by the book, Diego now finds himself in an unfamiliar world where “the book” no longer applies, at least according to the way he sees it. […]

Hydroland: Aftermath Spotlight: Amaya

Hello everyone, Today, the Hydroland: Aftermath character I want to highlight is Amaya: Through the eyes of most children, the future is ripe with possibilities. Unfortunately for Amaya, she no longer has the luxury of looking ahead. With the world she once knew now gone, and having no one to […]

Hydroland: Aftermath Spotlight: Aqil

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Today is the launch of “Hydroland: Aftermath Week,” where for each day, Monday-Friday, I will briefly introduce you to one of the main characters. Today we have Aqil: A young scribe who has been weighed down with other people’s expectations since he could […]