Iron Man

Which Project: Collision piece is your favorite?

Hey everyone, With five Project:Collision pieces in the books, I think it’s a good time to see which one is your favorite so far. Taking into account the superhero, art, and scripture, let me know which one you like the best so far. I’ve included each of them below, drawn […]

A timely reminder: Encouraging words from a mother 1

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. About a week ago I received the following comment from a mother, and it made my day: My sons (ages 10 and 12) and I just finished a short devotional series on the armor of God. I was looking for some visual to […]

Trailers are sometimes deceiving, but by the looks of it, Iron Man 3 will be awesome

Hey everyone, When I first saw the Iron Man 3┬átrailer, I was blown away by the epic nature of it. From the challenges Tony will face to the intellect and perspective of the Mandarin, it looks to be a winner. I try not to get my hopes up too much […]

Introducing Project: Collision (When superheroes, supervillains, & biblical truths collide)

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. If you read the blog regularly or somewhat regularly, then you may have heard of Project: Collision. In a nutshell, the purpose of the project is to use superheroes and supervillains to illustrate biblical truths. You can check out the page to learn […]

Recommended: Carnage: Family Feud by Zeb Wells

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Given that Carnage is one of my favorite villains, I was looking forward to reading about his return in Carnage: Family Feud. The story brings together Spider-Man and Iron-Man, and features a whole lot of Carnage (I know, I couldn’t help myself)! What […]

Iron Man and the Armor of God by Mike Abuan 2

As I mentioned in May, the Hulk vs. God concept inspired me to come up with some ideas for how this general concept (using known superheroes and villains to illustrate/communicate biblical themes) could be expanded. To this end, I must give all glory to God for coming through in a […]