Prince Adventures

Fantasy Soft Announces its First Animated Short, Prince Adventures: Annointed

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: L.B. Jr. and Chuck Huber produce new series, Prince Adventures Louisville, Kentucky – November 18, 2013 – Fantasy Soft Entertainment is pleased to announce a new fantasy series in the works called Prince Adventures that is co-written and co-produced by series creator, L.B. Jr. and writer, producer, […]

Support Christian comic/anime creator Kenneth Bright Jr.’s Prince Adventures!

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. Check out the message below from a friend and fellow creator Kenneth Bright Jr. He recently launched a fundraising campaign and would appreciate your prayers and support. Share it with your friends, and check out our 2011 interview to learn more about him. […]

Support Christian comic creator Kenneth Bright Jr.!

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Below is a message from a friend of mine, Kenneth Bright Jr., about his current project, Prince Adventures. Through the grace of God he hasn’t had to pay one penny for what’s been created so far, and he’s now at the point where […]

Creator interview #20: Kenneth Bright Jr.

Hey everyone, It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but I’ve already reached the 20th interview! Today we have Kenneth Bright Jr., president of Fantasy Soft Entertainment. Fantasy Soft Entertainment is an independent entertainment company that produces and distributes all forms of entertainment including comics, movies, video games, and […]

Creator interview #17: Noel Paolo Libunao 7

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. On deck today is Noel Paolo Libunao. He was born in the Philippines in 1979. Having the interest for visual creativity, he took up industrial design in college. It was in 2002 at the age of 22 when he met Christ. Since then […]