Raymond Ayala

Habakkuk: An Illustrated Summary

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. This is a comic I did for a friend’s project back in December, which was a bible comprised on illustrated summaries of each book from different creators. It was written by myself, drawn by Lewis Barela, and lettered by Raymond Ayala. You can […]

Family Matters: A Review of HOPE: Tales of a Nuclear Family

Hello everyone, Given my interest in shows like The Walking Dead and Fringe (currently my favorite show on tv) that beautifully blend sci-fi and horror elements with character and family-driven ones, I was excited when I heard about Hope: Tales of a Nuclear Family by Raymond Ayala and Planet Random […]

Creator interview #37: Raymond Ayala 3

Hello everyone, Today I am pleased to introduce to you Raymond Ayala, Creative Director and lead writer at Planet Random Creative. Planet Random is a new entertainment company he and his wife founded in 2011 and is based out of New York. He’s having the time of his life producing […]