All 11 Collision pieces are now available for download

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. Mike Abuan recently completed his amazing run on Collision, and you can get all 11 of the pieces here. He initially agreed to 10, but added an extra one because, well, he’s amazing. We hope that the pieces—and the scriptures that accompany them—serve […]

Dazzler and Letting Your Light Shine by Mike Abuan

Hey everyone, Keeping things moving, here’s the next Collision piece by Mike. It features another X-Men affiliate, Dazzler, and Matthew 5:16. The scripture matches her ability perfectly. Check it out, and download the Mike’s complete run here.     If you like spread the word, and don’t forget to get […]

Kitty Pryde and Always Having a Way Out by Mike Abuan

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. I fell behind last year on posting the last three pieces of Mike’s run on Collision. So I’ll post one a day for the next three days. This one features Kitty Pryde and 1 Corinthians 10:13. Enjoy, and download them all here.   […]

New Project: Collision piece coming soon…

Hey everyone,’ I pray all is well. Mike recently informed me that a new Project: Collision piece is on its way, and I can’t way! And as usual, you’ll have to wait until it’s done to find out who’s the featured character. Until then, check out the latest piece below, […]

Recommended: X-Men Origins: Gambit (2009) by Mike Carey (Marvel Comics)

Hey everyone, Yes, this is another Gambit recommendation. This time it’s his origin story, written by Mike Carey. It contains four short chapters, with each chapter covering an aspect of Gambit’s life. The chapters follow his life chronologically, so we get a good look at the experiences that have played […]

Recommended: Gambit (2012-present) by James Asmus (Marvel Comics)

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. Today’s recommendation is Marvel comics’ current Gambit series ¬†by James Asmus. Although I’ve mentioned before that Gambit’s my favorite X-Man, I’m serious when I say this series is really good. There’s basically a different story arc every 4-5 issues, which is cool because […]

X-Men’s Rogue and carrying each other’s burdens by Mike Abuan

Hey everyone, I’ve been itching to show you this, as it’s truly an amazing piece. Introducing the latest¬†Project: Collision piece, and the first featuring a female…here is Rogue and Galatians 6:2 by Mike Abuan. Her abilities go perfectly with the theme of carrying each other’s burdens, especially given that for […]

7 Marvel Characters I would like to see retold from a Christian worldview 10

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. As I discussed in a post last year, I think how comics depict their characters is one of the most distinctive qualities of the medium. For me it always comes down to the question: Do I care enough about the character? And I […]

Former X-Man Bishop and God’s Always Good Intentions (Genesis 50:20) by Mike Abuan

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Feast your eyes on the Project: Collision piece for August, drawn by Mike Abuan. It features the former X-Man Bishop and is based off of Genesis 50:20, where Joseph is reflecting on the negative things that have happened to him, and how God […]