Hydroland: Aftermath 2

The Concept

 The concept for Hydroland: Aftermath (HA) came from a song from a Christian emcee named Peedee (lyrics below). In the song, he discusses the BP oil spill of a couple of years back, but does so from the perspective of sea-life. I really liked the idea of sea-life having to adjust to life after having their world devastated by an oil spill. I blessed to be able to tap Mel Todd for the artwork, and thus, HA was born. You can download the free sampler here.

HA will be a mini-comic (~12 pages) about an under-water world where humans and sea-life co-exist. Focusing on 5 main characters, the story will explore how these characters try to pick-up the pieces after a devastating event changes their world forever, and their journey of becoming heroes in the process.

Stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses, and welcome to Hyrdoland…


Nemo by Peedee, off the album, “The Rhetorical Mixtape”

“They said Peedee/you should talk about the oil spill/I said I know I got ya’ll/’cuz the oil’s real/
So stick your palm in the water/and see how the oil feels/them little fishies in the water/they probably spoiled still/Mommy fish/she took Nemo to the park to play/but only to stumble upon the darkest day/And she really felt led in her heart to pray/but she didn’t know if God’s source had caused the plague/now here we are in the water/swimming trying to find hope/with the father-less daughters/and they swimming trying to find hope/man, and there’s sharks in these waters/that’s probably why my heart’s getting harder/and, they say my soul is the oil/that’s probably why my heart’s getting darker/

turn the tv on/watching CNN/and my eyes keep waterin’/’cus news to the problem/is uh, about all that they offerin’/but wait, what’s that I hear?/Sounded something like Paul Revere/What he say?/’the British are coming the British are coming’/ha/ya’ll better listen to something/or just quit drilling and pumpin’/I know yall knew something was comin’/from that winding drill/’cuz one worker kissed his wife goodbye/then he signed his will/he died/wake up America please/’cuz these times are real/the oil made a real slippery slope I dare you try to climb this hill/uh/are there solutions to the problem/or do we all keep causing it/’cuz, I know there was beauty in the sea/but, now we only see flaws in it/

oh well/the worst oil spill ever/is what we all keep callin’ it/huh/I guess we never see the pros/if we all keep ‘con-in’ it/look deeper than the oil/and just ponder/as to why we as a nation only unite in the face of a monster/We do it out of necessity/I guess adversity/is the recipe/Yeah/in essence we/stare in the water/and if you stare in the water/you’re gonna see your reflection/well, if that’s the case then can this be our society?/Rhetorical question…”

Song: © Peedee and His Swag Productions.

The Characters

Here’s a brief description of the main characters.

Name: Aqil
Ethnicity: Africa American
Age: 22
Occupation: Scribe and Historian

Name: Salena
Ethnicity: Native American
Age: 47
Occupation: Spiritual Leader

Name: Amaya
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 10
Occupation: None

Name: Diego
Ethnicity: Mexican American
Age: 32
Occupation: Police Officer

Name: Janelle
Ethnicity: African American
Age: 25
Occupation: Scientist

The Preview

Here’s the first page of Hydroland: Aftermath:

If you like the opening page, download the free sampler.

Due to other projects and funding, the project is currently on hold. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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