Pathways 4

The Concept


Omar the ex-con. Samantha (Sam) the high school student. Miles the business man. Stacey the prostitute. What do they have in common? Written by myself and drawn by the very talented Takeia DunlopPathways is a mini-comic about four people from different walks of life, who each have reached a personal crossroads. Without giving too much away, my hope is that Pathways will encourage us to invest in one another more intentionally, and as a result, not take each other or our experiences for granted.

The Characters

Here are the four individuals who will be featured in Pathways, coming soon. Check them out, and make sure to vote for the most interesting one below.


Name: Omar

Age: 24

Pathway: Ex-Con






Recently released from prison, Omar’s been given a second chance. Having time to reflect while inside, for the first time in his life he is considering a change. However his gang wants him to pick up where he left off, as tensions between a rival gang are escalating.  


Name: Samantha (Sam)

Age: 17

Pathway: High School Student





Months away from graduating high school, Samantha is finally starting to see her hard work pay off. With interest from colleges growing by the minute, her future has never looked brighter. However, unexpected circumstances quickly puts that future in jeopardy.


Name: Miles

Age: 32

Pathway: Business Man






Since graduating college a year early, Miles was on the fast track to success. What he didn’t expect was how fast he would have to keep running to stay on the track. With his family feeling the effects of his preoccupation with work, a collision between the two is inevitable. 



Name: Stacey

Age: 22

Pathway: Prostitute





On her own for most of her life, Stacey wasn’t much for dreaming. She just did what she had to to survive. She used to be content with that, but now she’s realizing it’s not enough. 


 The Trailer


Here’s the first trailer. Another one will follow as more of the comic is completed. Enjoy…


Pathways is over 90% complete, and is slated for release in 2017. The Kickstarter launch is slated for 2017 as well. You can keep up with the latest updates here.

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    I am definitely digging the concept

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    It is already Summer, has it been released yet?