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The Story of Peter is a collaboration between myself and Earnest Graham. After discussing different people in the Bible whose lives would make for a rich & powerful story (Jacob’s son Joseph was a strong candidate), we decided to go with Peter. Aside from the fact that he is my favorite person in the Bible, his life contains many triumphs and struggles, both of which we believed can resonate with Christians and non-Christians.

After brainstorming the story structure, we decided to do a three-book miniseries. The books are Faith (available now), Hope, and Love. My primary responsibilities include scripting the segments, and working on the story structure and lettering. Earnest’s primary responsibilities include doing the artwork, research the background context for the stories, and assisting with all other aspects of the project.

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Writer: Justin Martin

Art, Colors, and Letters: Earnest Graham

The first book of The Story of Peter series, Faith explores Peter’s early relationship with Jesus Christ, and the experiences that helped solidify his faith in Him.

Download a free preview.

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    Excellent reading

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  • Ashley McCullough

    Peter too, is my favorite too. He is spitfire and real, and foolish, and redeemed like so many of us.