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Free comics…enjoy and share!

Collision (2014)


Collision is a project started by myself and Mike Abuan that combines scriptures and superheroes. Download all of the amazing pieces drawn by Mike here.

The Story of Peter: Faith Preview (2013)


The first book in the series which is a collaboration with Earnest Graham. Download a free preview.

Lightweightz: The Anthology Part Two Preview (2013)


The second half of the anthology, featuring Ayden the pusher, Qasim the revealer, Emi the adapter, and Gabriel the inscriber. Download a free preview.

Lightweightz: The Anthology Part One Preview (2012)


The first half of the anthology, featuring Solomon the lie detector, Grace the empath, Abaddon the connector, and Kayin the precog. Download a free preview.

Habakkuk: An Illustrated Summary (2012)


This is a comic I did for a friend’s project, which was a bible comprised on illustrated summaries of each book from different creators. It was written by myself, drawn by Lewis Barela, and lettered by Raymond Ayala. You can download the pdf here, and if you like it, please spread the word.

Hydroland: Aftermath Sampler (2012)

With their world practically decimated after an alien attack, five survivors must band together to try to bring hope for the future. You can download the sampler for free here, DriveThru Comics, or Wowio.