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Justin Martin

Founder, Creator, & Writer


The Mission 

The purpose of R-Squared Comicz is to create quality comics from a Christian worldview. My hope is that these comics, through their character-driven stories, will appeal to both Christians and non-Christians. The hope is that these comics will later be adapted in other forms of media (e.g., animation, movies, etc.).

The Story

“I can do this.”

It was this realization after listening to some podcasts of Marvel comic creators that finally got me thinking seriously about creating my own comics. I say “finally” because for years prior the thought crossed my mind, but it never became more, due to the doubts in my ability, willingness to put in the necessary time, and other things. But in May of 2009 I felt that God was speaking to me through two different conversations I had with two friends. It was then that I knew it was time for me to “put up or shut up,” so I decided to “put up,” and to trust God with the rest.

From those initial ideas I started jotting down May 27th, 2009, my flagship title, Lightweightz was born. But as I worked on the story, I would think of additional stories I wanted to tell once the Lightweightz universe was established. Tucking these ideas away yet still keeping them “on the radar,” I knew my journey to create my own comic wouldn’t end with the creation of Lightweightz…but begin with it. So while Lightweightz is my flagship title, other titles (within and outside of the Lightweightz universe) and projects are in the mix as well (you can check out some of them here).

The Big Picture

As an avid reader of Christian and non-Christian comics, I have a good sense of what makes for a great story, and what voids I see R-Squared Comicz filling within comics as well as the general world of story-telling. While I do understand that there is generally a clear difference between “Christian” and “non-Christian” comics, I also believe that it’s possible to tell stories from Christian worldview that engage both kinds of readers (the work of C.S. Lewis and Ted Dekker are two great examples). I understand and appreciate the need for comics that are explicitly Christian…but I see a huge need for Christian comic creators tell great stories of all types. So while it’ll be clear that the stories I tell will be influenced by my Christian worldview, I also want to create great stories and characters that have relevance to the lives of the those who read them, regardless of who they are or what they believe (or don’t believe). In the world of comics, this is how I feel God has called me to live out my faith.

The Comic

Inspired by 1 Corinthians 12:7 (“Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good”) my flagship title Lightweightz tells the story of eight teenagers in California who discover they have unique abilities. Drawn by Przemyslaw R. Dedelis and colored by Lya, the comic explores a variety of themes as each character struggles to make sense of their ability in their own unique way. Before releasing the graphic novel, these eight teenagers, or Lightweightz, will be introduced in a two-part anthology, with each part introducing four of them. The first part, which introduces readers to Solomon, Grace, Abaddon, & Kayin, is available now (the cover art and trailer are below). The second part, which will introduce readers to Qasim, Ayden, Gabriel, & Emi, is currently in production.


The Campaign

Because of the generosity of 77 individuals as well as many others who helped spread the word, Lightweightz: The Anthology Part Two will be funded! Right now it’s slated for release in April 2013, so make sure you stay updated.

If you would like to contact me, you can reach me through e-mail (, FacebookTwitter, or Google +.

With Gratitude,

Justin Martin

Founder, creator, & writer